New reversible debugger from UnDo

Undo Editions

Undo Editions

Undo Software has released version 4.0 of UndoDB – the reversible debugger for Linux, with support for ARM processors and Android Native.

UndoDB allows Linux software developers to record their program’s execution, and then “wind the tape” back and forth in real-time to get a clear picture of their program’s execution, significantly reducing the cost of bugs to software vendors.

In September ARM announced that it had integrated UndoDB into its flagship software development studio, ARM DS-5 Professional Edition.

ARM’s Hobson Bullman, says: “From embedded to mobile and servers, Linux and its variants are becoming increasingly important across many of ARM’s market segments. As devices and systems become more capable, so the software becomes ever more important and complex, placing ever more pressure on software developers in terms of both quality and time-to-market. The UndoDB product can make a significant difference on both these fronts and I’m delighted it is now available to ARM software developers, both as a part of DS-5 or standalone from Undo Software.”

UndoDB is used daily on some of the world’s most complex software: from scientific computing (NASA, Lawrence Livermore National Labs), to enterprise (including some of the world’s largest banks) and design automation (including the world’s largest EDA vendors). With v4, developers working on ARM processors and Android Native can now use Undo’s reversible debugger and benefit from significant productivity gains.

UndoDB v4 enables ARM and Android Native software developers to use the power of reversible debugging on complex, real-world code, as well as providing performance improvements and new features for Linux users:

•​Support for the ARMv5, ARMv6 and ARMv7 architectures, including Thumb® technology and VFP.

•​Support for Android (ARM and x86) – Native application debug only.

•​Support for remote debugging – this gives developers the ability to debug an executable running a remote target using undodb-server instead of gdbserver.
•​Improved compatibility with graphical front-ends including Eclipse and emacs.
•​Significant performance improvements when executing writeable code and when debugging very large programs.

A free evaluation of UndoDBv4 is available; Enterprise Edition pricing starts at $1,100 per year.

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