Non-profit set up to manage 4G interference issues

A new not-for-profit company called Digital Mobile Spectrum Ltd (DMSL) has been established to tackle the problem of 4G interfering with Freeview broadcasts.

A former Nokia-Siemens Networks CEO has been tapped to handle the roll-out of 4G insofar as it affects TV users.

CEO of DMSL is Simon Beresford-Wiley who was CEO of Nokia-Siemens Networks.

Spectrum auction

DMSL has been allocated £180m from the proceeds of the 4G spectrum auction expected to be completed in February.

The problem DMSL faces is interference caused by 4G’s usage of the 800MHz spectrum band because digital terrestrial broadcasting uses the 700MHz band.

DMSL expects to provide about 2.3m filters to affected households and find alternative TV sources, e.g. Freesat, for about 40,000 households which are so near to 4G transmitters that they can’t get signals even with filters.

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