Qualcomm becomes world's most valuable IC company.

A sparkling set of figures for calendar Q3 from Qualcomm saw the stock market push its shares to a level where its market cap pipped Intel’s – $106bn to $105bn.

Although Intel’s revenues are more than twice Qualcomm’s – at $50bn to $20bn – the expectations for the San Diego company are greater.

Qualcomm had a 37% rise in  fiscal year revenues of $19bn for a $5.68bn profit. The company is expecting to grow 23% next year.

In terms of cash, Qualcomm now has $26.8bn cash in hand and no debt. This contrasts with Intel’s $10bn in cash with $7bn debt.

The stock market’s greater optimisim for Qualcomm’s prospects pushed its shares up to a level where it overtook Intel to become the world’s most valuable IC company measured by market capitalisation.

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