Samsung to cut semi capex; Intel and TSMC to increase it

Samsung’s chip capex was $13-13.5 billion last year and will be $11.5 billion this year estimates Srini Sundararajan at Summit Research.


Despite the 10% drop, this is above Intel’s 2016 of $10 billion – with $1.5 billion for memory capex.

TSMC hasn’t given a figure for 2016 but has said it will be higher than last year’s $8 billion.

Intel’s 2015 capex was $7.3 billion.

Sundararajan estimates that, last year, Samsung’s capex was spent: $6 billion on DRAM, $4 billion on NAND, and $3-3.5 billion on logic.

This year, he reckons, Samsung will spend $5 billion on DRAM capex – down 17% on 2015; $3.5 billion on NAND – down 13% on 2015, and $3 billion on logic – down 15%.

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