Sparkling ARM

ARM had Q4 revenue of $262m up 21% on Q4 2011 and profits up 16% at $80m. Full year revenues were $913m for a profit of $276m. Q4 operating margin was 46.5% and full year margin was 45.6%.

Customers are developing products to meet the needs of the post PC era and are driving demand for ARM’s most advanced technology,” says ARM CEO Warren East, “2013 brings exciting opportunities and challenges as ARM enters competitive new markets where we are well positioned to succeed.”

Q1 revenues are expected to be flat.

36 processor licenses were signed; two 64bit v8 architecture licenses were signed; six 64bit v8 processor ordinary licenses were signed; three A15 processor licenses were signed.; seven Mali graphics processor licenses were signed and five physical IP licenses were signed.

The licence order backlog is up 25% which is good for future revenues.

Royalties were up 21%. License fees were up 26%. Physical IP licenses were up 36% at $15.4m.

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