Students get their hands on a Raspberry Pi

Renesas has teamed with Nomovok to offer its first implementation of the MeeGo Linux-based software platform on its mobile application processor, the SH-Mobile APE4.

MeeGo is the co-development of Nokia and Intel.

A demonstration at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week will run MeeGo Core OS 1.1 and a Linux BSP (board support package) with fully hardware accelerated video, audio and graphics support.

According to Kaj Grönholm, Nomovok’s chief software architect: “The SoC platform combines the productivity of QML language with the performance and graphical freedom of OpenGL shaders.”

”This partnership allows us to exploit our Linux assets by bringing them to the open source community in support of emerging mobile OS’s like MeeGo,” said Manfred Schlett, v-p sales and marketing division at Renesas Mobile.

Schlett said that Renesas maintains an open approach to the mobile OS. “Our application processors and platforms also include support for Symbian and Android in commercial products,” said Schlett.

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