The Diversity of MEMS

MEMS revenues at the top ten suppliers grew 12% last year to $4.7bn, says IHS.


TI, with $779m MEMS revenues, is the No.1 MEMS manufacturer, followed by HP on $748m, Bosch on $742m, ST on $652 and Canon with $369m.

The next five biggest suppliers are: Panasonic, Denso, Knowles, ADI and Epson.


Fastest growing among the top ten were ST, which grew its MEMS business over 80% , and Bosch, which grew 15%.


The diversity of the MEMS business is shown by the fact that TI’s main earner was DLP displays, HP’s was thermal actuators in print-heads, Bosch’s was automotive sensors, ST’s was gyroscopes and accelerometers.

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