Toshiba celebrates 25th anniversary of invention of flash.

Toshiba is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its invention of flash.

In 1987, Fujio Masuoka invented flash memory – both the NOR and NAND types – while at Toshiba.

After bringing a lawsuit against Toshiba  asking for $9.1 million for the work he’d put into the invention, Masuoka eventually settled for $785,000 in 2006.

A derivation of EEPROM, flash had the advantage that, while EEPROM could be erased in bits but was slow, flash could be erased quickly in multi-byte sized chunks.

However Toshiba was slow to market the device and the nimbler Intel put the first flash chip on the market in 1988 – the 28F256.

Toshiba will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the invention with a series of events throughout the year.

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