TSMC Loses 40k Wafers In Quake

TSMC say that the earthquake in the south of Taiwan has caused the loss of one and a half day’s production for the company in total which amounts to some 40,000 eight inch equivalent wafers.

The earthquake had a magnitude of 6.4 on the Richter scale. It occurred in south Taiwan at 8:18 am Taiwan local time on March 4.

The earthquake registered on instruments at TSMC’s Tainan site at magnitude 5, and was measured at TSMC’s Hsinchu site at magnitude 2.

Current assessments reports show that the earthquake had minimal impact on Hsinchu fabs, Hsinchu being in the North of the island just South of Taipei City.

However the company’s Tainan fabs, in the South of the island, suffered greater impact. ‘They have gradually begun to resume production’, says TSMC, ‘our initial estimate is that the earthquake caused the equivalent of 1.5 days loss of wafer movement for the company in total. ‘

Because of the constant threat of earthquakes in Taiwan, TSMC has a contingency plan for short-to-medium-term post-earthquake operations to guide and standardise back-up operations for the company.

TSMC says it is also insured against earthquakes to reduce possible operational losses under worst-case conditions.

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