TV Techies

The US TV show Silicon Valley is causing a lot of interest in California, notes David Manners. Techies are only too keen to publicly praise it and damn it, he says…

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Spotty mobile coverage? Travelling around the US, in Silicon Valley and then in Georgia, makes David Manners realise what an awesomely awful mobile phone system America has…

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Gnomic CEOs are so aware of the sensitivity of their comments, says David Manners, that they now all say much the same sort of thing, with otherwise intelligent people burbling away about chimeras such as IOT and wearables. It’s safer that way.

Execs are the modern Trappists. Almost anything…

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Arab Spring hits markets

According to a report from the Henry Jackson Society the Arab Spring hasn’t done anything for the electronics industry. If the acronym EMEA is in your job title be warned, says David Manners.

Has the Arab Spring done anything for the electronics industry? According to a report from the…

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Watch Out Elpida

Elpida, the Japanese memory maker bought by Micron last year, will be alarmed by a letter written by Micron’s HR boss to Antonio Tajani, Vice President of the European Union, says David Manners.

Elpida, the Japanese memory maker bought by Micron last year, will be alarmed by a letter…

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Companies must be proficient in test, says NI exec

Francis Griffiths, National Instruments’ senior vice-president of regional sales and marketing, tells Electronics Weekly why building organisational proficiency is vital for engineering and test managers.

Why is organisational proficiency highlighted as an important trend for test this year?

It’s a cliché, but people remain the most important asset…

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Following reports about soaring US executive pay levels, including the private equity likes of KKR and Blackstone, an SEC lawyer scorns regulatory efforts for the financial elite, reports Bloomberg.

Interesting to see that people are more frequently asking: Why have no bankers gone to jail…

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Growing Up

Micron was founded by a bunch of genius memory designers led by Ward Parkinson and Doug Pitman back in 1979, David Manners remembers. But while the engineering is world-beating, the support functions have been neglected, he says.

One of the most extraordinary recent events in the chip industry has…

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