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Comment: Chip firms should think outside the box on source code

Processor suppliers could make a big difference in the way their chips are used and adopted by the industry if they took the plunge and made more of their source code available to designers.

Creating evaluation boards and reference designs with compliers, debuggers and other firmware is a mainstay of…

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US conflict minerals legislation has no exceptions

Aspen Electronics, managing director Howard Venning emphasises the need for suppliers to demonstrate compliance with European and US government legislation.

By far the biggest change has been the UK’s integration into the European Union. Membership has meant that today the UK must agree with, and implement, hundreds of EU…

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Will semiconductors make personalised medicine a reality?

Semiconductor technology has the potential to enable fundamentally different medical diagnostic system architectures which could transform personalised medicine, write Nick Rollings and James Blakemore.

Semiconductor companies are developing proprietary diagnostic detection technologies that have potential for significant disruption in the medical technology sector, specifically relating to the field of in…

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Salary survey reveals positive signs in the job market

Most of the Electronics Weekly Salary Survey 2014, which was sponsored by European Recruitment, backs up what I would call ‘common sense’ across the industry and how to differentiate yourself as an employer for current and future staff and how to judge your value as an employee, writes David Wicks…

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Raspberry Pi is changing and Eben Upton explains why

Raspberry Pi is changing. The embedded computing module will see one of its largest changes in format and design next month. Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, discusses the reasons for the design changes in the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module.

Q: What prompted you to develop this…

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Open Source in high integrity systems

Avionics control software may not be open sourced any soon, but the tools with which these systems are built and the operating systems on which they run are increasingly making use of open-source components, writes Robert B. K. Dewar, co-founder, AdaCore 

Two trends in software are apparent at…

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MRO can cut cost of procurement, says RS

Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) costs make up a large proportion of a company’s expenditure, Didier Goguelin, RS Components Country Manager UK, explains how to use MRO procurement processes to cut costs

There are many important factors for MRO engineers when choosing their supplier; their ongoing requirement is usually…

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Spotty mobile coverage? Travelling around the US, in Silicon Valley and then in Georgia, makes David Manners realise what an awesomely awful mobile phone system America has…

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