Investment brings growth in 2013, says Rawlins of Anglia

Steve_Rawlins  CEO Anglia

Steve Rawlins CEO Anglia

UK SMEs have toughed the downturn, and our relationship with these businesses has brought Anglia 5% growth in a flat economy, once again outperforming the market, writes Steve Rawlins, CEO Anglia Components.

Anglia has continued to invest in its business over the year, expanding our franchise base, our team and our inventory and introducing new services. We launched Anglia Live, the first website aimed specifically at engineers designing for volume production.

Our design logs are busier than ever, so we doubled our FAE and sales teams to support the design activity. Design support at this point in the cycle will generate demand as the economy turns up in 2014.

To ensure that we have sufficient stock to support this demand, we have invested in inventory, increasing it by 10% over the year. We have also signed a series of key new franchises to ensure that our product portfolio remains comprehensive.

We are expecting growth to return to the market in 2014. Customers are tending to buy in response to demand at the moment, but this is changing. We are expecting to see price increases and movement on lead times. We could be on allocation on some parts by the early summer.

The investments we’ve made in 2013 will enable us to deliver great technical support and great logistics at prices that are competitive in the global market. 2013 was a good year for Anglia despite the flat market.

By using it to build our customer relationships, the team and the infrastructure, Anglia is in a great position to outperform the market again, and grow with its customers in the New Year.


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