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Spotty mobile coverage? Travelling around the US, in Silicon Valley and then in Georgia, makes David Manners realise what an awesomely awful mobile phone system America has.

Pottering along Georgia’s back roads down to the Golden Isles reminds you of what an awesomely magnificent road system America has.

And then the thought strikes home what an awesomely awful mobile phone system America has.

Spotty is not the word for it. At Dungeness, Thomas Carnegie’s old house on Cumberland Island off the Georgia coast, I get four bars. In the heart of Silicon Valley, World Capital of Tech, you frequently get no bars.


Well it may be because the road system was built by the government and the mobile phone system was built by private enterprise.

When I tease Yanks about their shitty mobile phone system, they always say: “We’ve got a big country to cover.”

But the same argument applies to the road system.

Could it be that companies will always do a worse job than governments because companies are bossed by accountants who always want to deliver as little as possible as cheaply as possible?

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