Widely varying forecasts for 2014 semi market

Forecasts for the size of the semiconductor market in 2014 vary widely from the $390 billion forecast by Future Horizons back last October, to $287.5 billion forecast last month by VLSI Research.

Last week Mike Cowan came up with a $318 billion forecast which parallels last month’s SIA/WSTS forecast of $316 billion.

Apart from Bill Jewell coming out with a $354 billion forecast last November, there are no other forecasts sufficiently recent to be worth considering.

Cowan reckons the market came in at $305 billion last year representing a 4.7% increase on 2012.

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  1. Mike Cowan
    January 14, 2014 15:15

    Hi David – I should point out that the 2014 sales growth forecast for VLSI Research represents ICs ONLY; that is, it does not include discrete semiconductors, optoelectronics and sensors. This later group of devices are expected to increase by approximately 6.0 percent.
    Mike Cowan

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