X-Fab adds 700V CMOS process.

X-Fab, the silicon foundry, has added a 700V CMOS process for ultra-high-voltage consumer applications such as AC LED lighting, chargers with no-load power consumption and other power conversion and control applications.


“Our new XU035 process enables our customers to compete effectively in energy-efficiency applications like LED lighting and phone chargers that require ultra-low standby power,” says X-Fab’s Voker herbig.


The process provides low specific On-resistance 700V power devices and the lowest mask count in the foundry industry, says X-Fab.


The process includes cost-efficiency features such as a single poly and single 5V gate oxide architecture, 8-inch bulk starting material, optional third routing and power metals and optional MIM capacitors. It also includes a depletion transistor and a high-resistive poly module. Depending on the process module combination chosen, the total mask count range of 13 to 18 is the foundry industry’s lowest. 


Besides the 700V N&PMOS, DMOS and depletion transistors with RDSon as low as 15Ohm*mm2 and 20V and 40V devices with floating high-side capabilities, XU035 process users can select from a spectrum of analogue passive devices – UHV resistors, MOS and MIM capacitors and protection diodes, to match their specific application needs.


XU035 comes with PDKs for all major design environments, precise Spectre and H-Spice models, digital libraries and 2kV ESD support. 

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