Micron and Wave protect SSD drives from malware attack

Micron Technology has teamed with security specialist Wave Systems to develop technology to protect embedded computing platforms from malware attacks.

The firms say this level of security requires close integration of software and hardware, and they will develop systems to detect advanced persistent threats (APTs), the most advanced forms of…

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Xilinx and Agilent complete DDR4 memory interface test

Xilinx’s DDR4 memory interface for UltraScale devices has completed the Agilent Technologies N6462A compliance test running at 2400Mbit/s.

As defined by the JEDEC JESD79-4 DDR4 DRAM specification, the N6462A compliance test provides electrical and timing analysis for characterisation and margin testing purposes.

The DDR4 memory interface provides…

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L+B: Samsung's flip chip LEDs and modules

Samsung introduced a line of flip chip LED packages and modules at Light+Building in Frankfurt.

Available during the second quarter of this year, it is aiming at them at replacement bulbs, MR/PAR and downlights.

“By utilizing flip chip technology, Samsung has made significant improvements to its LED packages…

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Marvell adds I2C control to dimmable LED controller

Marvell has announced an ac-dc LED driver chip which is both dimmable over an I2C serial bus and by phase-cut wall dimmer.

Called 88EM8189, it can be used in either non-isolated buck-boost or isolated fly-back designs. Primary-side sensing allows isolated designs without an opto…

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Lumileds boosts Luxeon Z ES range

Lumileds has increased the efficacy of its 1.6×2.0mm un-lensed Luxeon Z ES range, first introduced in March 2013.

See the table below for new output figures.

“In addition to upgraded performance across the existing portfolio, Lumileds has introduced 4,000K and 5,700K emitters in the 90…

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Chip gives dim-to-warm LED lighting without MCU

To simplify incandescent-like LED dimming – where colour temperature (CCT) falls with intensity – Dialog Semi has introduced a single chip dual output power converter that needs no microcontroller.

iW3640 is a 25W 2-channel mains-powered LED driver, intended for 75-150W-equivalent A19 and PAR bulbs, as well as…

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Self-powered switch to control LED lighting

EnOcean has introduced its first energy harvesting wireless switch module for consumer applications such as the control of LED lighting systems.

The device which operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band, has a form factor which allows it to fit in a standard light switch.

The device’s electromechanical energy…

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Dublin firm's high speed ADC cuts power in 4G LTE design

S3 Group, the Dublin-based mixed-signal silicon IP developer,  has introduced a standalone chip, a high-speed 160MS/s 12bit analogue-to-digital converter (ADC).

The successive approximation register (SAR ) ADC  is aimed at high speed wireless systems LTE and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

The chip, which is fabbed…

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