Atmel aims 2.4GHz tranceiver at smart meters

Atmel has announced 14mA RF transceiver for battery-powered ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4, 6LoWPAN (IPv6 over personal area networks) and other 2.4GHz applications.

Called AT86RF233, the transceiver is aimed at products including gas meters, water meters, monitoring, control systems, and energy-harvesting equipment.

Receiver current consumption is 6mA, and sleep current is 20nA.

There is support for antenna diversity, and on-board AES encryption.

“Wireless applications continue to integrate more functions while demanding longer battery life and better scalability. AVR Xmega devices and the AT86RF233 transceiver are the perfect companions for low-power wireless applications,” claimed Atmel marketing director Ingar Fredriksen.

The REB233SMAD-EK evaluation kit, includes two AT86RF233 radio evaluation boards paired with the ATxmega256A3 MCU.

“Atmel also provides, free of charge, a variety of network software and programming examples, including the BitCloud ZigBee PRO and the BitCloud Public Profile Suite,” said Atmel.

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