Intersil claims to have smallest pico-projector

Intersil has developed a pico projector system, which it claims is the smallest production-ready LED liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) based design.

Developed for embedded or accessory pico projector applications, the firm’s reference design is based on Micron’s E330 5.5 cubic cm qHD optical engine


The platform, Pico-qHD, uses Intersil’s ISL97901 buck/boost RGGB LED driver. The supplier said the devive maintains the highest image quality with precise current control.

“A 2.0mA resolution provides consistent white balance setting, yielding uniformity over production units and throughout the life of projectors,” said Intersil.

The system, which comes on a 1.7 x 2in PCB, can drive up to 1.5A LED current, making it compatible with a variety of high power LEDs, and enabling pico projector engines with brightness levels exceeding 20 lumens.

There is also the TW8835 LCD video processor, ISL9307 power management IC, ISL9110 buck-boost converter, ISL9230 battery charger and, as an option, the ISL58333 OEIC sensor for automatic, real-time white balance control.

According to the supplier, potential applications include digital cameras, smartphones, tablets and video players.

Intersil pico projectors website

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