LED driver achieves tight 1% current control

Diodes has employed new forms of current control in its latest LED driver ICs which it said is designed to increase the reliability of high brightness lamps. 

The ZXLD1370 LED driver controller operates in buck, boost and buck-boost topologies.

It uses a new control loop structure and high-side current sensing to ensure accurate current control of LED strings.

With an extended 6V to 60V operating input voltage range and a typical 1% output current tolerance in all topologies, the driver is capable of delivering the high current levels and tight inter-lamp luminance-matching required by high brightness LED systems. 

Active LED thermal management is achieved via a dedicated external thermistor input, and by fault diagnosis outputs that report status of LED driver and load.

The driver supports dimming through DC dimming and PWM dimming options.  With a dedicated PWM input, the driver offers a 1000:1 dynamic dimming range at 1kHz.  

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