Tantalum capacitors slide under 1mm

Vishay has introduced a series of moulded solid tantalum chip capacitors for space-constrained consumer electronics.

The TL8 series devices come in case sizes down to 0805 and profiles from 0.8 to 1.0mm. For example, there is a 10V 22µF in an 0.9mm(max) 0805.

Alongside 0805 (2.0×1.25mm), there are capacitors in A case (3.2×1.60mm), and B case (3.50×2.80mm).

Capacitance-voltage ratings vary from 3.3µF-35V to 220µF-4V, standard capacitance tolerances are +/-10 and +/-20%, and operating range is -55 to 85 (or 125°C with voltage de-rating).

“TL8 capacitors save board space for bulk capacitance, energy storage, filtering, and decoupling in smartphones and other handheld, battery-operated consumer electronics,” said the firm. “In addition, the devices’ voltage ratings are ideal for OLED displays.”

Terminations are Pb-free, face-down L-shaped and “offer better mechanical and electrical contact to the solder pad than traditional face-down terminations”, claimed Vishay.

Samples and production quantities of most TL8 capacitors are available now, with lead times of 10 weeks for larger orders.

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