Electronica: Everspin launches spin-torque 64Mbit MRAM

Today Everspin, the MRAM spin-off from Freescale, announces its first MRAM product based on Spin Torque technology, a 64Mb DDR3 ST-MRAM.

‘Spin Torque technology allows for a roadmap that scales to gigabit density and faster speed and bridges the traditional boundary of conventional memory and storage,’ says Everspin, ‘targeted at high performance storage systems, ST-MRAM has the potential to impact any area that relies on vast amounts of data and content: social media, cloud computing, ecommerce, etc.’

The non-volatile memory chip comes in 16Mx4, 8M x 8, 4M x 16 configurations.

Everspin says it has shipped 7m MRAM devices and intends to have shipped 8m by the end of the year.

The company says it has over 500 customers, over 200 design wins, over 100 applications and more than 100 products.

Tags: density, non volatile memory

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