LED Lighting

Flexible and transparent OLEDs at LG

LG Display has developed an 18inch flexible OLED display, and another one that is flat, but transparent.

The flexible display has 1,200×810 resolution and can be rolled around a 60mm cylinder while working – made possible in part by using a polyimide film substrate and organic thin-film transistors.


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Perovskite solar cells in three years, from UK inventions

Solar cells using upstart ‘perovskite’ materials will be shipping in three years, according to University of Oxford spin-out Oxford PV.

Photovoltaic perovskites were only invented recently.

“It is the fastest-improving solar cell material ever,” CEO Kevin Arthur told Electronics Weekly. “It has taken silicon 25 years to get…

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50W blue laser module for projectors

Osram is packing up to 20 blue laser chips into 26x35mm for laser projectors, delivering up to 50W.

“This means that professional laser projectors can achieve a brightness level of more than 2000 lm with only one component,” said the firm, adding: “Osram developers are the first to adapt the…

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Sharp offers any-shape displays

Sharp has developed free-form LCD – displays that are not limited to being rectangular.

“The device can be shaped to meet a wide range of user needs thanks to the incorporation of IGZO [indium gallium zinc oxide] technology and proprietary circuit design methods,” said the firm. The gate driver is…

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Plessey prepares for LED lighting push

Plessey Semiconductor seems to be gearing up for increased production of its GaN-on-silicon LED devices.

Plymouth-based Plessey has upgraded its production facility by buying the latest Temescal UEFC-4900 material deposition system from Ferrotec.

Plessey manufactures LEDs on 6-inch wafers using a GaN-on-silicon process…

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Everlight designs 1A LEDs into car headlights

Everlight Electronics has announced a range of high-power LED car headlight modules with a new style thermal desigh for improved heat dissipation.

The modules use ceramic substrates featuring high heat dissipation rate up to 170W/mK.

A single chip running at 1A provides up to 1200lm. According to the…

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Lightfair: Temp-tuneable LED light engine dims to 0.5%

At LightFair, LED Engin will demonstrate a 2200 lm light engine that has halogen-style dimming from 1,600K to 3,000K as well as colour temperature (CCT) tuning between 2,100K and 4,300K.

Called LuxiTune Generation 3.0 and aimed at replacing 120W halogen lamps, “both tuning curves…

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Cree gets 200 lm/W from XP package

Cree is claiming 200 lm/W from the latest in its 3.45×3.45mm XP series of lighting LEDs.

The 200 lm/W LED has been dubbed XP-L, and delivers up to 1,226 lm at 350mA from its single die.

“XP-L LED enables an immediate performance increase…

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