13 amp LED delivers 8W of ultra-violet


Luminus is shipping a high-power single-die ultra-violet LED.

Called CBT-90-UV, the device contains a monolithic 9mm2 die that that delivers between 7 and 9.1W of 405nmpeak optical power at 13.5A forward current.

Applications are expected in life science, machine vision and curing.

“Luminus engineers designed it to replace traditional UV mercury vapour lamps,” said Luminus director Mike Lim.

The Massachusetts-based company specialises in devices with die far larger that other LED makers, aimed at power levels normally handled by clusters of smaller die.

It CBT-140 range of white LEDs has a 14mm2 circular LED built on a suare die. It delivers up to 3,800 lm when driven with 21A with a forward voltage of 3.6V (50-75W). 3,000-6,500K whites are available.

For maximum brightness, up to 6,300 lm (6,500K), Luminus’ CBM-360 has a closely-packed array of four 6mm2 die.

The packages above all include a thermistor with separate connctions for temperature control.

Distributors include Avnet, Digi-Key, EBV Elektronik, Marubun, and Mouser.

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