50W LED offers near-perfect colour rendering


Bridgelux has released an LED family with a colour rendering index of 97.

Branded Decor, the multi-die devices deliver 1,200 to 2,500 lumens and “these arrays have been spectrally engineered to closely replicate the light quality of halogen and incandescent light sources”, said the firm. “Decor is optimised for demanding applications such as retail, hospitality, museums and high-end architectural lighting.”

As well as achieving CRI=97 with the industry-standard eight colour sample set (R1-R8), they also score high on the extended colour sample set.

“These arrays deliver R9 and R15 values of 98, to both enhance reds and represent skin tones accurately,” said Bridgelux.

Two colour temperatures are available: 3,000K and 2,700K

The LEDs are available in a 3-step MacAdams Ellipse colour bin.

Package options are the firm’s existing rectangular ES (23x26mm) and RS (45x50mm) ceramic tiles, “delivering light output equivalent to a 75-150W halogen bulb, while using only 25-50W.


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