Bendy PCB makes LED work

Universal Science has introduced a formable metal-backed, thermally conductive PCB at the ‘Fortronic UK LED and Lighting Forum’, which took place
in March.

Aimed at retro-fit street-light and high bay applications, the formable PCB gives the optical engineer the ability to bend the board to any angle desired instead of having to use secondary lenses to modify the direction of the light. The thermal conductivity of the board remains high at 2.5W/mK giving exceptional heat spreading.

The technology is in the maintenance of the electrical breakdown voltage in a sharp bend. Black or white solder masks are available on request.

The supplier also demonstrated a thermally conductive adhesive, designed to mechanically bond and electrically isolate LED assemblies on FR4 that need to be mounted to a heat sink without the requirement of screws or other mechanical fasteners.

The LED and Lighting Forum also included presentations on tertiary optics design, thermal dynamics, LED drivers and PSU design.

There was a presentation on LED design and handling from Cree and Tom Van Den Bussche from Bridelux discussed the benefits of LED arrays at the forum.

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