Cambridge firm to build manufacturing facility for LED lighting technology

15may13CambridgeNanotherm 314Cambridge Nanotherm is to build its first prototype manufacturing plant in Haverhill, UK following the award of £250,000 in matched funding from the UK Innovation Agency – Technology Strategy Board (TSB).

Cambridge Nanotherm has developed and patented a nanoceramic-aluminum substrate for thermal management of electronics, which can be used in LED lighting modules.

The investment from the TSB and company shareholder Enso Ventures  will create a facility to develop applications for the technology such as LED lighting and power electronics. It will then demonstrate the manufacturability of the firm’s substrates in a volume production environment to potential licensees of the technology.

The prototype manufacturing line will be capable of producing innovative MB PCB materials with ceramic dielectric as well as groundbreaking circuit-on-heat-sink substrates.

“This new facility is a major next step in the development of our patented technology and of the Cambridge Nanotherm business,” said Pavel Shashkov, CEO and founder of Cambridge Nanotherm.




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