Cree claims XP-G is most efficient LED


Cree has raised the bar once again in lighting class LEDs.

It has introduced a cool white device, dubbed XP-G, who’s headline figures are 132 lm/W efficacy and 139 lm, both at 350mA “which is 37% brighter and 53% more efficient than the brightest XR-E LED”, said the firm.

“XP-G has the highest lumen density of any available lighting-class LED, and it is based on the XP family package.”

The XP package is 3.5×3.5mm and 2mm tall.

Driven at 1A, 345 lm is available.

Cree is taking sample requests now, and plans the product to be commercially available the third quarter of this year,

The LED is being demonstrated at Lightfair International in New York next week.

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