LED headlights within the year

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Standard cars will have LED headlights in the next 18 months, according to headlight maker Hella.

“Expect a breakthrough into volume within the next year or one and a half years,” Steffen Pietzonkam head of marketing at Hella, told Electronics Weekly, “We are working on 13 or 14 car models with full LED headlamps.”

Both Audi’s R8 and Cadillac’s Escalade Platinum are in production with full (both main and dip beams) LED headlights.

These are high-end cars as LED technology is expensive – the Cadillac uses seven Osram LEDs per headlamp, each with five LED die – so the unrevealed car models with LED headlights will be far from bargain basement models.


Using a prototype with VW, Hella demonstrated this LED headlight with low beam, high beam, direction indicator and daytime running all solid-state.

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