LED lighting module delivers halogen-style dimming


LED Engin has introduced a single emitter LED lighting module that delivers directional light with halogen-style dimming, tracking the black body curve from 3000K down to1800K.

The LuxiTune light engine is comprised of a 12-die, compact single emitter with intelligent control circuit and complementary TIR optic.

Luminous flux is 1100 lumens, equivalent to a 60W halogen lamp, said the supplier.

Luminous efficacy is 63 lumens/W hot and including the secondary optic.

At full intensity, colour rendering index (CRI) is 90 and LuxiTune maintains a CRI average of 85 and R9 red content of 70 as it dims.

Device diameter is 50mm and it works with standard 0-10V dimmers or via a DMX interface.


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