LED lighting module gets in the mood

Optek Technology has developed a full-colour surface-mount LED package, aimed at architectural lighting as well as mood lighting in homes, shops, cars and planes.

“The OVSPRGBCR4 package was designed with a high flux output, low thermal resistance, and ultra low-profile,” said the firm’s v-p visible LEDs Richard Saffa.

Viewing angle is 130 degrees and the package houses red, green and blue LEDs under a water-clear lens.

Typical luminous flux is 21, 32, and 7.5 lm at 250mA respectively, with typical on-axis intensity of 7, 11, and 2.8cd.

Separate RGB LEDs allow colour to be tuned across a wide range of apparent colours, and to produce a ‘white’ with better colour rendering index (CRI) that white LEDs based on blue die with a yellow phosphor – whose spectra generally lack red and offer little green.

Peak pulsed forward current is 500mA, thermal resistance is 20°C/W, rated junction temperature is 125°Cmax and operating temperature range is -40 to +100°C. 

The device measures 6x6x1.5mm and “optional optics are offered to suit applications,” said the firm.


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