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As LED technology advances so the range of possible applications increases. This is most clearly seen with the move into lighting. With increasing brightness capability, LEDs have moved into applications that were previously the domain of filtered incandescent light, for example.

Whether it be general home lighting or automotive applications, such as, car rear light clusters, this guide brings together all Electronincs Weekly content related to LEDs and lighting.

Dynamically updated by means of a news feed, it presents content from Electronics Weekly news and features and also highlights other resources from around the web.

White LEDs

High quality LEDs are now produced with efficiencies around 70 lm/W, compared to 12 lm/W for incandescent light bulbs and single die devices with over 100 lm.

White LED versions of usual lights are already produced from several manufacturers.

LED headlights for vehicles are planned, with German electronics firm Osram leading the way. Osram is developing a range of multi-die packages that are close to generating enough light for vehicle applications.

In addition to vehicle lighting innovation, Osram and Seoul Semiconductor have joined forces to share patents for white LEDs.

Lighting specialist Lumileds will swap materials for white LED car headlights. Lumileds will replace liquid-deposited phosphurs to bonded phosphorescent ceramics for applications next year. 

White LED versions of traditional luminaires are already available from several manufacturers, particularly in the MR11 spotlight style.


Most recent LED lighting news

Previous news items of note

Lighting OLED hits efficiency and colour highs
BASF and Osram have developed a white OLED better suited to lighting.

Seoul shows 1.4W LED for lighting designs
Seoul Semiconductor releases a slim 1.4W power LED for lighting applications. Dubbed Z1, the 1.4W LED package is 1.2mm high.

Cree moves into the European LED downlight market
Cree teams up with Zumtobel Group, the Austrian professional lighting supplier, to supply LED downlights to the European market.

Cree has commercial samples of its brightest LED
Cree announces commercial availability of its highest-lumen white LED, the XLamp MC-E LED. At 9.8W, the LED provides up to 790 lumens at 6000K and up to 605 lumens at 3000K, and the footprint is just 7x9mm.

Lighting OLEDs are efficient and live long – UDC
New Jersey-based Universal Display (UDC) has revealed two white organic LED technologies for lighting at the Society for Information Display conference in Los Angeles.

Scottish firm Design LED begins lighting technology manufacturing
D esign LED is expecting volume manufacture of products that include the firm’s LED printed light guide technology to begin this year.

Nu Horizons makes US LED move with raft of suppliers
Distributor Nu Horizons has announced a number of suppliers for LED products in the US.

Osram has its brightest ever white LED
Claiming it to be the world’s brightest LED, Osram is to introduce a 250 lm surface mount device early in 2008.

Zetex reference design for LED lamps wins Chinese deal
Zetex has won a contract with a Chinese customer with a reference design for 12V MR16-compatible LED lamps.

Lumileds swaps materials for LED car headlights
Lumileds will move from liquid-deposited phosphors to bonded phosphorescent ceramics for LED car headlights next year.

LED lighting market to boom by 21%
The market for solid-state LED lighting will leap by 21 per cent by 2011, according to market watcher Strategy Analytics. But the use of LED lighting in the home will be slower than first expected.

Distributors see LED lighting opportunity
Talk of LED lighting applications was once guaranteed to send any self-respecting semiconductor distributor to sleep. Not any more.

Philips buys LED lighting business
Philips is to acquire Massachusetts-based luminair-maker Color Kinetics to complete its fab to installation LED lighting capability, and control important patents.

LED street lights slow to shine in UK
The UK is behind in LED street lighting, claims Coventry-based manufacturer Advanced LEDs.

LED lighting module gets in the mood
Optek Technology has developed a full-colour surface-mount LED package, aimed at architectural lighting as well as mood lighting in homes, shops, cars and planes.

Nanotubes hold key for low cost LED lighting
Carbon nanotubes could deliver one of the great ambitions of the lighting industry, to reduce the cost of manufacturing LEDs to the level where they compete with domestic lightbulbs in home lighting applications.

DTI funds R&D into LED lighting
Dialight Lumidrives, in collaboration with the University of Manchester, has been awarded a £330,000 grant by the Department of Trade and Industry-led Technology Programme to develop advanced LED lighting modules.

LED supply fits in lightbulb socket
Power Integrations is offering a reference design kit (RDK-131) for very small power supplies that fit inside the LED lightbulb socket, and also ensure that their incandescent-replacement LED lightbulbs will pass EMC requirements for conducted and radiated electrical noise.

Lighting assemblies shine at UK LED conference
Excitement in the general lighting industry over the potential of high-power LEDs is creating a bonanza for electronics component suppliers in the UK.


Avago presents 1W cool white power LED emitter
Avago Technologies has a 1W cool white power LED emitter for use in street lamps, portable, task, backlighting, and decorative lighting applications.

Maxim programmable LED driver ideal for automotive, lighting applications
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX16816, a high-voltage, programmable, high-brightness (HB) LED driver for automotive and general lighting applications.

AnalogicTech’s AAT2860 I2C-based LED driver IC offers total handset lighting system
Most smart phones require some combination of backlight LED drivers for a main display, sometimes additional LED drivers for a smaller sub-display, one or more flash LED drivers, and LDOs to power the embedded camera.

Macroblock DC-DC converter for high power LED lighting apps
Macroblock has a DC-DC converter for high power LED lighting applications. It is a 1.2A constant current buck DC-DC converter with a constant current mode hysteretic PFM design.

Plus Opto expands LED range
Plus Opto has added to its range of power LED products from the Asia-based manufacturer Seam Semiconductors.

Electronics Weekly analysis involving LEDs

Distributors see LED lighting opportunity
Talk of LED lighting applications was once guaranteed to send any self-respecting semiconductor distributor to sleep. Not any more.

Solid state lighting fires up chip firms
The technology of solid state lighting has its roots in the development of advanced LEDs. As a result it offers designers low voltage drive requirements, cool running, long lifetime re liability, small form-factor and energy saving potential.


Q5 interview – David Bell, Intersil
Electronics Weekly puts its questions to an industry figure: David Bell is the CEO of Intersil, the analogue semiconductor supplier.

Lumileds talks LED packaging – interview
Electronics Weekly talks with Luxeon product manager Sudhir Subramanya about the future of LED packaging at Philips Lumileds, and a little chat about the past.

Further information on LED lighting

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Solar powered LED street lights
Communities across the world are standing by their commitment to preserving the environment by installing street lighting powered by the sun.

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