LEDs challenge incandescents in colour rendering


LEDs are further challenging incandescents as LED maker Cree has announced a lighting product with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 92, putting it amongst incandescents for colour quality.

“The LRP-38 generates a CRI of 92 at a colour temperature of 2,700K. The tightly-focused beam delivers a centre beam candlepower of 4,000 with a beam angle of 20 degrees,” said Cree. “This light is designed to replace 50-90W halogen PAR38 bulbs in various applications.”

Input power is 12W – with the firm claiming a total delivered minimum efficacy of 42 lm/Watt.

The lamp is designed to last 50,000h in open track fixtures or 35,000h recessed down lights.

Applications are expected where good colour reproduction is required: in supermarket produce displays, department stores, and museums.

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