Lighting OLEDs are efficient and live long – UDC

New Jersey-based Universal Display (UDC) has revealed two white organic LED technologies for lighting at the Society for Information Display conference in Los Angeles.

“I am delighted by the progress that our research team continues to make in white OLED development,” said CEO Steven Abramson. “Demonstration of key milestones in lifetime, power efficiency and cost effectiveness has moved us closer to making white OLEDs a commercial reality.”

Based on phosphorescent materials, the first is a ‘warm’ white emitter (CIE = 0.45, 0.46) with life exceeding 200,000 hours at 1,000cd/m2.

Efficiency with outcoupling is 30 lm/W.

Colour coding LED info
blue-dot.jpg Driving into the blue
brown-dot.jpg Organic – grow your own
green-dot.jpg Green chandeliers
black-dot.jpg Into the black?
red-blue-green-dot.jpg Display Trilogy
white-circle.jpg Headlight glare
yellow-dot.jpg Phosphorous
red-dot.jpg Sensing light
grey-dot.jpg Grey area
An alternative look at the hues
and shades of LED technology

The second material delivers 72 lm/W, claimed buy UDC to be a record figure.

Both devices use transport and injection layer materials from LG Chem.

The work was part-funded by the US Department of Energy which is supporting work on OLED illumination towards a power efficiency target of 150 lm/W.

The DOE views OLEDs as “a pivotal emerging technology that promises to fundamentally alter lighting in the future”, said UDC.

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