Osram beams LED headlights for the Cadillac Escalade Platinum

Osram has worked with Hella to provide LED headlights for the Cadillac Escalade Platinum, to be launched this year.

“Each headlight contains seven Ostar Headlamp LEDs – five for low beam and two for high beam, said Osram. Daytime running light is provided by dimming the low beam. This means there is no need for an extra light source.”

Each headlight also has a position light with Osram’s white Advanced Power TopLEDs, and a side marker light with yellow Power TopLEDs.

Ostar’s generally have more than one die on a heat-spreading package.

“The OSTAR-Headlamp has 5 dies driven at 700mA and consuming 12W,” said an Osram spokeswoman. “The maximum current is 1,000mA.”

Typical brightness per LED at 12W is 500 lm and it “now achieves peak values of up to 620 lm”, said the firm.

Colour temperature is claimed to be 5,500K, “much higher than the 4,000K of xenon light, and Ostar can withstand ambient temperatures from -40 to +125C.

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grey-dot.jpg Grey area
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