Osram produces first LED-based replacement for 40W bulb


Osram is producing what it claims is the first LED-based replacement for a 40W bulb.

Dubbed Parathom Classic, the bulb consumes 8W and produces 345 lm at a colour temperature of 3,000K.

Colour coding LED info
blue-dot.jpg Driving into the blue
brown-dot.jpg Organic – grow your own
green-dot.jpg Green chandeliers
black-dot.jpg Into the black?
red-blue-green-dot.jpg Display Trilogy
white-circle.jpg Headlight glare
yellow-dot.jpg Phosphorous
red-dot.jpg Sensing light
grey-dot.jpg Grey area
An alternative look at the hues
and shades of LED technology

Lifetime is claimed to be 25.000h.

“This is the very first bulb shaped LED lamp which constitutes a true substitute for a 40W incandescent lamp,” said Christian Schraft, head of consumer lighting at Osram.

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