Smallest OLED pixel size created in France

Microoled and CEA-LETI claim to have made an OLED display with the smallest pixels yet.

“This achievement in the world of microdisplay opens the door for high picture quality electronic viewfinders for cameras, but also enables the market of high definition video eyeglasses for mobile video applications,” said Eric Marcellin-Dibon CEO and co-founder of Microoled.

The 9.6mm WVGA micro-display from Microoled is based on OLED technology licensed from Thomson and CEA.

“Marrying the capabilities of CMOS and the flexibility of OLED offers a unique route to micro-displays with unequalled resolution and brightness,” said Laurent Malier CEO of CEA-Leti. “We foresee a tremendous potential of applications for theses devices. The high resolution and the low power consumption makes it perfect for a large set of nomadic products.”

The display has over 1.7 million sub-pixels.

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