8Mbit SRAM for 0.13µm CMOS

Wafer foundry Silterra Malaysia and Belgian’s IMEC have developed 8Mbit SRAM intellectual property core compatible with Silterra’s all-copper 0.13µm CMOS process.

“We are thrilled that the device works so well on the very first 0.13µm wafer we ran in our fab,” said Bruce Gray, president of Silterra.  “We are now fine tuning the process, putting the customer design kit together, and we should be ready to start production in 2005 as planned.”

The joint development programme began in July this year.  Two SRAM chips, eight and four megabit devices, were both functional on the initial development lot processed in Silterra’s fab in Kulim, Malaysia, claimed IMEC.

The process is based on IMEC’s 0.13µm technology, which is “major foundry compatible”, said IMEC, and supports up to eight layers of copper wiring. 

Silterra has named its version of the process CL130G, plans to distribute the design kit to customers in the second quarter of next year, and to start pilot production in July.

The foundry’s other products include standard CMOS logic, high-voltage, mixed signal and RF technologies. Its fab can process 40,000 200mm wafers per month.


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