Fast cards from Toshiba

In the Spring, Toshiba will launch a range of CompactFlash memory cards for SLR cameras with the highest read and write speeds in the world..

Called the EXCERIA PRO it will have 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB densities, read speed of 160MB/s and write speed of 150MB/s4,

The support high resolution image capture, sustained continuous shooting, HD video recording and high speed data transfers to other devices.

The cards comply with the CompactFlash Specification Revision 6.0 and the UDMA7 high speed interface, ensuring they can support high performance DSLRs to the full.

The cards are also compatible with the latest Video Performance Guarantee standard, VPG-20. VPG-20 secures Full HD video capture streams at a minimum write speed of 20MB/s for compatible host devices and recording media. VPG-20 enables high quality Full HD video capture at high frame rates with no dropped frames.

The market for DSLR is expected to grow by some 50% in the period 2012 to 2015 and demand for CF cards will grow with it. Toshiba aims to capture a 30% market share by 2015 by developing high performance memory cards.

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