X-FAB simplifies its NVRAM process

X-FAB Silicon Foundries is offering a foundry service for embedded non-volatile random-access memory (NVRAM), which is a hybrid of SRAM and flash.

Typically, embedded non-volatile RAM was created by combining SRAM with a separate EEPROM, requiring additional circuit elements to manage the data handling and transfer.

X-FAB’s embedded NVRAM stores the SRAM content to the non-volatile memory in a single cycle.

As part of the foundry’s XH018 process, the NVRAM compiler can be used to create NVRAM blocks for embedding in the device.

Typical applications include industrial control and automotive applications, data transfer systems, RAID data storage and security data handling.

Both the NVRAM process feature in XH018 technology and the supporting NVRAM compiler are available.

The XH018 NVRAM compiler is provided via the X-FAB Extended Technical Information Center (X-TIC) accessible from X-FAB’s website.

X-FAB Silicon Foundries has also opened an R&D and sales support office in the UK.

The Plymouth-based office will be staffed by engineers from the former X-FAB UK facility which as sold to Plessey Semiconductors at the start of the year.

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