Broadcom samples 28nm processor for IPv6 packets

Broadcom is sampling its first heterogeneous knowledge-based processors (KBPs)manufactured in 28nm.

Designed for 3G/4G mobile infrastructure and enterprise networks, the NLA12000 series processors can carry out 2.4 billion decisions per second (BDPS) to address growing line rates for IPv4 and IPv6 packets.

High-speed serial links include 12.5Gbit/s serdes for 300Gbit/s aggregate bandwidth.

Dual-port mode suports off-the shelf network processors, FPGAs and customer Asics.

According to Broadcom, the growth in hosted services, coupled with emerging trends such as software defined networking (SDN) and open flow, is driving the demand for increased classification, forwarding and security processing throughout the network.

Added to this the migration from IPv4 to IPv6 to accommodate the growing number of connected mobile devices “is resulting in 4x larger knowledge databases for Layers 2-4 processing”.

The devices integrate a parallel knowledge-based processing technology with low-power NetRoute algorithmic search technology in a heterogeneous manner.

Its deterministic performance and low latency means it will support up to 2 million IPv6 routes.

Broadcom’s 28nm heterogeneous KBPs are currently sampling with production volumes slated for 1H 2013.

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