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Socionext in volume production of camera engine supporting new sensor functions


Socionext, the Fujitsu-Panasonic SoC jv, is in volume production of a camera front engine specialized for Bayer data processing that supports the latest sensors. The MB86S29 is a Milbeaut Image Processor aimed at smartphones. By supporting the latest image sensors, the MB86S29 lets module makers implement these functions without replacing their application processors. Recently, it is common to find cameras ...

Melexis introduces elevated current version of its Hall-effect sensors


Melexis has an elevated current version of its MLX91208 series of programmable Hall-effect current sensors. Optimised for the very high fields of hybrid and electric vehicle (HEV) applications, the MLX91208CAV can cope with up to 1000A of primary current. This device complements the existing MLX91208 products which cover low field and high field functions. Thanks to the proprietary integrated magnetic ...

Water repellent coating improves capacitor reliability


Murata has developed a water-repellent coating that it claims will increase the reliability of multi-layer ceramic capacitors. At issue is condensation – not just between the PCB and he capacitor, but on any capacitor surface that can gather condensation. When water wets the surface of the capacitor – top diagram – electromigration of electrode metals can occur which can eventually ...

Kemet has X7R high-temp capacitors


Kemet has announced its industrial grade high temperature X7R dielectric capacitors which it says can utilise the full rated voltage at 175┬░Celsius. The devices are offered with a flexible termination option and are RoHS compliant without exemption. These high temperature capacitors are for a variety of applications in extreme environments such as down-hole oil exploration, aerospace engine compartments, geophysical probes, ...

Melexis evaluation kit supports ToF sensors


Melexis is supporting its time-of-flight (ToF) sensing technology with the EVK75023 evaluation kit which accompanies its MLX75023 QVGA (320x240pixels) resolution ToF sensors. This new hardware platform enables implementation of more advanced human machine interfaces (HMIs). Co-developed with BlueTechnix, the EVK75023 is a 130x105x60mm board for assessment of ToF sensing capabilities under challenging conditions, where the detrimental influence of ambient light ...

Qi introduces predictive sensing


Quantum Interface (Qi) of Austin, Texas has come up with a predictive navigation interface which is responsive to motion, analysing the speed and direction of any input to determine user intent. It is offering beta versions of an app using technology. When a user moves toward a menu selection with a finger on a touchpad, moves their hands in the ...