Ploughable sensors measure soil temperature

At the end of March several small bundles of electronics will be ploughed into a field in Cheshire, UK. The sensors will measure soil temperature and moisture content, then transmit those measurements wirelessly to the surface. It is the kind of information farmers around the world need to conserve water…

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Rocker switch turns itself off

Need to save stand-by power?

How about a mains switch that turns itself completely off?

Omron has released such a thing: a manual mains switch with a coil inside that will flip it to the ‘off’ position following the application of 5V for 50ms. Unlike a latching relay, the…

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High-rel plugs beat micro-D on density

Harwin has developed a 1.25mm spaced high-rel connector, claimed to save up to 35% of space compared with micro-D.

Called the G125 series, and branded Gecko, they provide dual row cable-to-board and board-to-board interconnect

Operation is from -65 to +150C and at up…

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C&K smoke detector switches meet EN-14604

C&K Components has expanded its line of switch products for smoke detectors in support of the new European EN-14604 standard.

“According to the new regulation, all smoke detectors sold in the European Union must include the CE marking and comply with EN-14604 standards, which require all…

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CamdenBoss aims UK-made rack at home offices.

CamRack-SX SOHO is a series of 19in racks for small-office-home-office use.

Models are wall-mounted 7U high cabinets, with two mounting profiles and variable depth in 20mm increments.

Finished in dark grey anthracite, colour corner options are white, red, blue, orange and black, as well as…

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Researchers bring wireless tagging technology to search

Ask Google where you left your car keys and you won’t get a useful answer. But ask the FindMyStuff search engine and it replies: “Your car keys are in the sofa.” That’s no joke – go over to the sensor-laden couch in Florian Schaub’s lab at Ulm…

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IP67 connectors are tough for industry and vehicles

Molex has introduced an industrial connector family that exceed IP67 and can be submerged in various fluids.

Called MX150L, it “supports low-level signals as well as power applications up to 40A”, said the firm. “Customers can choose from wire-to-wire, wire-to-panel and wire-to-board configurations…

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Rohm boosts supercap voltage and conductance

Rohm has introduced a supercapacitor with 3.0V operation and 25mΩ resistance, claiming these to be industry-leading figures.

The device is a 0.7F pouch-style 25x25x1.4mm electric double layer capacitor (EDLC), the first of the ‘VR’ series.

“Through optimised material selection and proprietary processes, ROHM was able…

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