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Wearable wireless goes Bluetooth Smart

Shipments this year for wireless semiconductors in health and fitness will reach a projected 61.2 million units, up 11% from 55 million in 2013, and will increase to 95.78 million units in 2018, says IHS, while shipments  of consumer health and fitness devices with integrated wireless connectivity will…

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Rohm aims 'smallest diode' at wearables

Rohm has taken discrete semiconductor and passive component miniaturisation to a new level.

The company has produced chip resistors in 03015 (0.3 × 0.15mm) size as well as Schottky barrier diodes in 0402 (0.4 × 0.2mm) size.

The devices make use of a proprietary process called Rohm advanced…

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Honeywell changes magnetic sensor design, forever

Honeywell Sensing and Control has designed a position sensor IC which combines the sensitivity of an anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) sensor with the low power operation of a Reed switch.

The range of magnetoresistive sensor ICs is called Nanopower reflecting a typical power consumption of 360nA.

This is a ten-fold…

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Redux demonstrates glass loudspeaker 0.7mm thick

Redux Labs, the flat-screen audio specialist, has shown its thinnest soundbar for high-end TVs.

Measuring 1.2m in length the soundbar is sized to match 55-inch TVs and is designed to achieve high fidelity audio quality from a panel of Corning Gorilla glass, just 0.7mm thick…

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Smart sensor pill reports back on medicine taken

Time to take your electric meds. Sensors could come embedded in the pills in your next prescription, watching whether you take your medication on time and tracking your body’s response to the drugs.

The tiny sensors, which are ingested and pass harmlessly through the body, are part of the…

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Smartphone sensors could yield airplane accident clues

The smartphones carried by passengers on board a Malaysia Airlines flight could yield vital information about what happened to the missing plane.

Almost nine weeks on, the search for flight MH370 has come up with nothing. A robotic sonar-carrying submarine is now searching the seabed 2000 kilometres off Perth…

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