Programmable Logic and Asic

Xilinx and Agilent complete DDR4 memory interface test

Xilinx’s DDR4 memory interface for UltraScale devices has completed the Agilent Technologies N6462A compliance test running at 2400Mbit/s.

As defined by the JEDEC JESD79-4 DDR4 DRAM specification, the N6462A compliance test provides electrical and timing analysis for characterisation and margin testing purposes.

The DDR4 memory interface provides…

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Reconfiguring an FPGA for space travel

It is possible to reconfigure radiation-hardened Xilinx FPGAs with the reliability required for space applications, writes a team of developers from Germany-based Fraunhofer IIS RF and microwave design department

In 2017 the experimental Heinrich Hertz communications satellite (H2Sat) commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology…

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Mixed-signal asics are good even for smaller volume products

Traditionally, asic developments are thought to be the domain of high volume applications. Whilst these designs grab the headlines there are many designs that are successfully undertaken for smaller volume product markets.

An example of this is the mixed signal asic for industrial controllers. These controllers cover many industries and…

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Achronix Speedster FPGAs for 100G Ethernet

Achronix has demonstrated error-free operation of 100G Ethernet functionality using the hard Ethernet IP in its Speedster22i FPGAs.

Speedster22i claim to be the only FPGAs that have hardened IP for communication applications including 100G Ethernet, 100G Interlaken, PCI Express Gen3 x8 and DDR3 memory controllers.

“The hardened IP functions…

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Xilinx launches 20nm device with 50 million gates

Xilinx has announced its largest FPGA, a 4.4 million logic cell device.

The Virtex UltraScale VU440 is a 20nm device. It delivers 50 million equivalent Asic gates for next generation production and prototyping applications.

It has the bandwidth for single chip implementations of 400G MuxSAR, 400G Transponder and 400G…

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Lattice targets FPGAs at heterogenous cellular networks

Lattice Semiconductor is offering an FPGA-based platform for Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet) for the roll-out of cellular neworks incorporating a variety of basestation technologies including  small cells, low-power remote radio heads, distributed antenna systems.

According to Lattice, mobile service providers are deploying a range of wireless equipment in…

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Xilinx ships first 20nm Asic-like FPGA

Xilinx has announced first customer shipment of its first 20nm product manufactured by TSMC.

It is the FPGA firm’s UltraScale device, which is what Xilinx calls an Asic-class programmable architecture which “enables 1.5x – 2x more realisable system-level performance and integration”.

Xilinx UltraScale devices enable applications such…

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Xilinx 3D FPGA in production

Xilinx and TSMC have announced production release of the Virtex-7 HT family, claimed to be industry’s first heterogeneous 3D ICs in production.

“All Xilinx 28nm 3D IC families are now in volume production. These 28nm devices were developed on TSMC’s chip-on-wafer-on-substrate (CoWoS) 3D…

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