Programmable Logic and Asic

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FPGAs can clean up video picture noise

Using High-Level Synthesis, software-based algorithms that have data-dependent execution time can be easily accelerated in hardware, with deterministic results, writes Daniele Bagni 

Video is rapidly becoming more significant in embedded systems, where the information gathered can be analysed, recorded or otherwise used for real-time control. As…

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How to make slow software run quicker

Have you ever written some software that, despite your best coding efforts, didn’t run as fast as desired? I have, writes David C. Black, Senior Member of Technical Staff at Doulos.

Have you thought, “If only there were an easy way to put some of the code into multiple…

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TSMC applies fine-pitch bump packages to Altera 20nm FPGAs

TSMC’s patented, fine-pitch copper bump-based packaging technology is being used in Altera’s 20nm Arria 10 FPGAs and system-on-chips (SoCs).

“Leveraging this technology helps us address the packaging challenges at the 20nm node,” said Bill Mazotti, vice president of worldwide operations and engineering at Altera…

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Xilinx and Agilent complete DDR4 memory interface test

Xilinx’s DDR4 memory interface for UltraScale devices has completed the Agilent Technologies N6462A compliance test running at 2400Mbit/s.

As defined by the JEDEC JESD79-4 DDR4 DRAM specification, the N6462A compliance test provides electrical and timing analysis for characterisation and margin testing purposes.

The DDR4 memory interface provides…

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Reconfiguring an FPGA for space travel

It is possible to reconfigure radiation-hardened Xilinx FPGAs with the reliability required for space applications, writes a team of developers from Germany-based Fraunhofer IIS RF and microwave design department

In 2017 the experimental Heinrich Hertz communications satellite (H2Sat) commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology…

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Mixed-signal asics are good even for smaller volume products

Traditionally, asic developments are thought to be the domain of high volume applications. Whilst these designs grab the headlines there are many designs that are successfully undertaken for smaller volume product markets.

An example of this is the mixed signal asic for industrial controllers. These controllers cover many industries and…

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