Altera issues 14nm design software

Altear-stratix 10Altera has released design software for its 14nm Stratix 10 FPGAs which, says Altera, double the performance of 28nm FPGAs.

Fast Forward Compilation, the name for the 14nm software,  pinpoints performance bottlenecks and provides step-by-step performance improvement recommendations.

Users also receive Fmax estimates of their design that can be achieved by applying the recommendations.

The aim is to give customers the opportunity to maximise overall design performance and achieve rapid timing closure.

“Fast Forward Compilation with the Stratix 10 HyperFlex architecture enables customers to double their performance while simultaneously shaving off weeks to months of engineering development time,” claims Altera’s Jordon Inkeles.

Stratix 10 chips have 4m+  logic elements, 10 TeraFLOPs of single-precision, hardened floating point DSP performance,  4X serial transceiver bandwidth compared to previous generation FPGAs, a high-performance, quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 processor system and multi-die packaging.

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