Design house builds on ‘Tomorrow’s Train’ success

Cambridgeshire-based design house 42 Technology  is highlighting the importance of product development in the UK for the transport and infrastructure sector.

Dr Zane van Romunde - Design house builds on 'Tomorrow’s Train' success

Dr Zane van Romunde

The consultancy is creating a new design activity in areas such as: vehicle tracking and real-time sensing, logging and communication; electric vehicle power electronics and charging systems; gas vehicle fuelling and operation detection systems; and intelligent signage and signalling for efficient traffic flows.

Dr Zane van Romunde, head of the new business activity:

“42 Technology has decided to set up a dedicated transport team following a strategic review of our business and a series of major client wins. The new team will enable us to offer a more targeted and integrated approach, to build on our track record, and to help clients more easily access the additional technology and engineering skills they need to fast track their new product development programmes.”

The consultancy was involved in the development of payload attachment systems for the Skylon reusable spaceplane.

It also won the ‘Tomorrow’s Train Design Today’ competition with a novel design concept for a train carriage that can be quickly and easily reconfigured to carry freight or passengers as required. The design house 42 Technology plans to unveil a working prototype of its design later this year.

Transport is now one of 42 Technology’s five main business sectors; the others being consumer, industrial, healthcare and energy.

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