Raspberry Pi runs Intel digital signage spec

Raspberry Pi’s graphics processor is attracting as much interest at the low cost embedded computing board’s ARM-based CPU.

Both CPU and graphics processor are Broadcom chips.

US-based start-up Jetpac runs image recognition software on the Raspberry Pi’s graphics processor (GPU).

According to Pete Warden…

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Lauterbach tool provides proof of timing data

Lauterbach says its TRACE32 tools can now offer proof of timing and code performance in real-time embedded systems.

This is possible because the tool can now export task event based trace data for external timing analysis. This can be used to trouble shoot and detect complex errors that only…

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3D PCB printer does pick-n-place too

New York-based start-up BotFactory is developing a rapid prototyping machine that prints PCBs and then picks-and-places components.

Called Squink and the subject of a KickStarter funding drive, “it sits on your desk, and prints and assembles your circuits in a matter of minutes on flexible or…

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Arduino-compatible Spark board available at CPC

The Spark Core Wi-Fi enabled, Arduino-compatible development platform is now being stocked by consumer distributor CPC.

The Spart Core board, which attracted more than $500,000 in pledges on Kickstarter last year, is open source but also code-compatible with Arduino.

CPC already distributes the entire Arduino range…

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Comment: IoT could be killed by too many standards

Will the internet of things (IoT) be killed by standards?

If you are in the electronics business then you must know about the IoT. That is the mantra.

But the reality is that the IoT is valueless if it is not connected, and this relies on standard interfaces.

The problem…

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CadSoft launches v7 of Eagle PCB

CadSoft has rolled its Eagle PCB layout tool to version 7, improving the auto-router and allowing large designs to be split across a team.

The auto-router can simultaneously generate multiple routing variants on multi-core processors (one per core) and requires fewer manual interventions.

Large schematic designs to…

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NI creates Linux embedded design module

NI has introduced an embedded system development board which comes with Linux-based real-time operating system (RTOS) already integrated.

The SOM (system-on-module) has a dual-core ARM processor in the Xilinx Zynq All Programmable system on a chip (SoC) with memory.

But the level of software integration…

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Mentor addresses heterogeneous multicore chip design

Mentor Graphics has addressed the challenge of heterogeneous multicore system-on-chip (SoC) development with a range of embedded software tools.

Heterogeneous system architectures, which combine two or more different types of microprocessors or microcontrollers, have presented particular challenges when developing embedded software to run efficiently on the multi-core…

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