Mentor and Cadence tools certified for TSMC 16nm FinFETs

TSMC has certified the chip design flows of Mentor Graphics and Cadence Design Systems to the foundry’s Design Rule Manual (DRM) and SPICE model version 1.0 for its 16nm FinFET process.

This will allow customers to begin taping out FinFET-based designs using Cadence and Mentor tools.


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Providing the energy of things to the internet of things

Providing the ‘energy of things’ to the ‘internet of things’ is difficult. With so many things around your home or office or car, no one power source can be used for each of them.

Some can be plugged into the wall, others need to run off of batteries, and still…

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High efficiency solar cells make grid parity a viable prospect

Sven Armbrecht from LG Solar describes how N-type silicon wafer technology can increase the power efficiency of solar cells and make grid parity a viable prospect

Solar power has been one of the biggest sources of new electricity generation for the last few years in Europe.

Multiple factors have…

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Seeing SDR in action

Software-defined radio may look simple on paper, but implementation is more challenging. Californian-based Ettus Research explains its SDR peripheral design and then took it on a tour of San Fransciso, writes Andrew Erskine, field applications engineer, Analog Devices

Software-defined radio (SDR) is an increasingly viable and important…

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Green Hills has Integrity-178 tuMP RTOS support for ARM

Green Hills Software has announced the availability of its Integrity-178 tuMP real-time operating system (RTOS) for ARM-based processors.

The RTOS is intended for safety-critical and security-critical systems that are based on multicore processors.

The tuMP architecture is referred to as “unified” in that a common…

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Energy harvesting meets Raspberry Pi

Laurent Giai-Miniet, CEO, EnOcean describes how to use Raspberry Pi as the basis of an in-the-home controller with an energy harvesting wireless capability

At first glance the Raspberry Pi looks like a simple programming board, not bigger than a credit card, with some ports. At second glance…

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Lauterbach Trace32 supports ELinOS and PikeOS

Sysgo, the safety-critical sofware supplier, has integrated its certified RTOS/hypervisor PikeOS with Lauterbach’s Trace32 debugger tool that supports the debugging of ELinOS, its embedded Linux product, running as PikeOS’ personality.

PikeOS developers were already able to use Trace32 from Lauterbach, a debugging capability incorporating bootstrap code, interrupt…

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ARM's all-new compiler

ARM is to replace its compiler with a completely new one built on the LLVM open-source framework. “We are not stopping ARM Compiler 5 for at least five years,” added ARM.

The result, which will not be open-source, is to be called ARM Compiler 6, and will be…

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