Chip offers accurate Doherty balance on-the-fly

To take the pain out of Doherty amplifier balancing, Peregrine Semiconductor is planning to introduce a single-chip dual-channel amplitude and phase adjuster.

Doherty amplifiers have two RF amplifiers in parallel (see diagram), one Class-AB for low-level signals and one Class-C for peaks. They save power…

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CSRmesh devkit supports Bluetooth Smart in mesh networks

Developers wanting to work with CSRmesh, the company’s Bluetooth Smart-based mesh networking protocol, can now use a CSRmesh Development Kit.

The company’s goal is “to place the smartphone at the centre of the Internet of Things” because Bluetooth Smart is implemented by default on all the major…

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Imagination aims radio IP at IoT

Imagination Technologies has introduced wireless intellectual property for internet-of-things devices.

Branded ‘Whisper’, it is part of Imagination’s Ensigma Series4 low-power radio processing unit (RPU) family.

“With our existing Ensigma RPUs, customers are already building a range of life-style devices,” said Imagination marketing v-p Tony…

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Comment: IoT could be killed by too many standards

Will the internet of things (IoT) be killed by standards?

If you are in the electronics business then you must know about the IoT. That is the mantra.

But the reality is that the IoT is valueless if it is not connected, and this relies on standard interfaces.

The problem…

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MediaTek chip opens way for 64-bit Android smartphones

MediaTek has announced its highest performance smartphone chip to date, a 64-bit True Octa-core system-on-chip. It has the processing performance to support a 2k display and 4k video.

According to Gabriel Treiband, v-p corporate marketing Europe at MediaTek, this device opens the way to the…

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Bristol start-up retunes music synthesiser for the cloud

Bristol-based musical instrument manufacturer Modulus has taken a new approach to synthesiser design using both analogue and digital sound synthesis techniques.

The result said the company is the creation of the rich analogue sounds used by the likes of Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk of the 1960s and 1970s in…

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Soitec sees 1.4 billion 4G RF devices in production

Higher power RF chips for 4G/LTE mobile handsets and basestations are being based on Enhanced Signal Integrity (eSI) semiconductor substrates manufactured by French firm Soitec.

Soitec estimates that it has shipped enough substrates to fabricate more than 1.4 billion RF front-end semiconductor devices.

Soitec said that customers…

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Intel and Samsung lead open source charge to IoT

A group of semiconductor, computing and software companies want to establish a common wireless communications framework for internet of things applications.

The Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) includes Atmel, Broadcom, Dell, Intel, Samsung and Wind River want to create a standard wireless protocol based on open source code. But will use…

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