8K TV demo in Las Vegas

Japanese broadcaster NHK is to demonstrate 8K (4320p) content transmission in a single 6MHz UHF TV channel.

It will present this latest iteration of its Super Hi-Vision system at the 2014 NAB Show in Las Vegas in April.

“This will be the first time anywhere outside Japan that wireless transmission of 8K has been demonstrated over a single 6MHz TV channel,” said the firm. “NHK will also present results of a long-distance, single-channel, over-the-air 8K test broadcast recently conducted in Japan.”

Other 8K demonstrations by NHK will include: a theatre with 8K video projection on a 350in screen, including highlights from the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, with 22.2-channel sound reproduction (the 24 speaker sound system was invented at NHK); an 8K video camera that weighs less than 2 kg; the first 8K-capable real-time HEVC encoder; and something the firm describes as: “a display-integrated immersive sound system providing virtual representation of 22.2-channel sound for a domestic environment”.

NHK also plans to show its latest developments in hybrid TV with a presentation of its Hybridcast system, providing interactive capabilities via a converged broadband/broadcast service, which launched last September for regular consumer service in Japan.

It is one of 15 organisations presenting demos in this year’s NAB Labs Futures Park, a section of the NAB Show exhibition floor reserved for broadcast-related research and development projects from around the world.

Other exhibitors at the 2014 NAB Labs Futures Park will present demonstrations of emerging technologies such as high frame-rate and high dynamic-range 4K video, advanced media preservation techniques, augmented broadcasting, targeted advertising, and advances in video compression, 3D TV, emergency alerting, and more.

NAB Labs is a business networking and education programme of the US National Association of Broadcasters. Its show is to be held April 5-10, 2014 in Las Vegas,

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