Bluetooth bites for the last 25 metres of the wireless Internet

Bluetooth is set to become the de facto wireless technology for the last 25 metres of the Internet, according to John Scarisbrick, CEO of Bluetooth chipset supplier CSR.

Scarisbrick disputes any suggestion that the Bluetooth market is coming under pressure from new lower power and higher performance wireless technologies.

“Bluetooth technology has a long way to run with new versions such as ULP (Ultra Low Power, formerly known as Wibree) and UWB (ultra wideband) the possibilities are huge,” said Scarisbrick.

“Bluetooth will become the wireless technology of choice for the last 25 metres of Internet communications,” said Scarisbrick.

Despite a growing interest in WiFi and VoIP, if anything the Cambridge-based company is stepping up its development activities. “Generation five of the chipset is ramping up and generations six and seven are already in the pipeline,” said Scarisbrick.

Last week, CSR was one of the chip suppliers named in teardowns of the new Apple iPhone. Others included Infineon, Samsung, Intel and Balda.

“The iPhone is more important than just another mobile phone, for its suppliers as well as for Apple,” said Scarisbrick.

This is significant coming from Scarisbrick who claimed that CSR has its Bluetooth chipset in eight out of the top 10 mainstream mobile phones.

The iPhone was launched last week in the US where it will operate exclusively on AT&T’s wireless network. It will be available in a 4Gbyte model costing $499 or an 8Gbyte model costing $599.

According to iSuppli’s teardown, the 8Gbyte version of the iPhone has a total hardware bill of materials and manufacturing cost of $265.83.

The European launch is expected later this year.

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