Cambridge firm calls for better cyber defence in UK

Cambridge design house, Plextek believes that the UK needs a Cyber Attack Prevention Agency to effectively prevent against cyber attacks.

Plextek is taking part in the Security and Defence SIG meeting which takes place in London on the 19th of April and is run by Cambridge Wireless.

“Over the past 20 years various UK governments have encouraged open market ownership of critical national infrastructure (CNI) such as water, energy and banks,” said Paul Martin from Plextek.

“But just how is the UK’s CNI to be protected from Cyber attack? Currently CNI protection is in the hands of the hard-pressed Director responsible for IT and the budget allocated depends on far too many variables,” said Martin.

Plextek accepts that protection of CNI is a high priority for the government, but points out that influence over non-UK national companies that own CNI and are outside Europe will be limited and will also depend on the prevailing geopolitical situation.

“One possible way forward is to follow the lead taken by the USA and establish a Cyber Attack Prevention Agency whose remit is limited to UK CNI protection.  This would be an advisory body able to train CNI staff and proliferate best practice and up to the hour advice on resisting cyber attack,” said Martin.

Next week’s Security & Defence SIG will concentrate on the defence remit with speakers addressing topics of cyber spectrum, transportable TETRA systems for military support and defence of the UK Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).

Government speakers will outline the activities of the Cyber & Influence Centre within Dstl, the MOD Research Laboratory, and describe a new approach to information sharing with industry for CNI defence against emerging threats in cyber space.

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