CSR makes Bluetooth Smart practical for smart clothing

CSR CSR has introduced a Bluetooth Smart development platform for low-power wearable electronics devices, such as smart watches and activity monitors.

It has a form factor small enough for wearable devices but uses standard PCB technology, which “allows developers to get a high-volume product to market quickly and cost effectively”, said Cambridge-based CSR.

It also supports direct connection to a lithium-ion battery without the need for an external regulator.

The quiescent of an external switcher can be 10-15µA and of a linear 1-2 µA, which can reduce the battery life of a device that is only working in the nano Amp to low micro Amp range.

The platform  is designed to achieve this using an on-chip switched mode power supply that operates from 1.8V to 4.3V. This enables the device to operate directly from compact lithium polymer batteries.

The CSR1012 has a 0.4 mm pitch QFN package and space beneath the device enables I/O to be routed using standard drilled vias.

This coupled with a 4×4 package area, offers a very small final PCB to ensure developers can produce compact wearable devices with consumer appeal. The CSR1012 is available in volume.


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