Fortronic Wireless Forum showcases radio for metering

The RF Wireless Fortronic Forum this week saw a demonstration of a short range radio system for smart metering by LPRS.

The IQRF range of wireless network systems are also likely to be used for intelligent street lighting and environmental monitoring.

The wireless technology day was organised by Fortronic in association with Electronics Weekly at Williams F1 conference centre near Oxford on 28th June.

For powering wireless systems Anglia and Varta Microbattery used the event to show a range high energy rechargeable lithium ion button cells.

Dubbed CoinPower, the cells have capacities ranging from 20 to 200mAh.

“This is up to 30% higher energy density and significantly improved mechanical stability than competing lithium polymer cells in a pouch footprint,” said the suppliers.

Low internal resistance with discharge currents of up to 5CA and more than 1000 charge / discharge cycles will make the cells suitable for headset and wireless transmission applications.

Anglia also presented a surface mount GPS radio antenna module from Antenova.

This is described as a complete GPS system in one device with external matching for tuning for each device platform.

“Antenova’s modules deliver a high performing drop-in system solution that will work with a range of GPS receiver chips,” said Andrew Pockson, divisional marketing manager with Anglia.

The Antenova M10382 GPS Radionova incorporates the u-blox 6 GPS chipset with Antenova’s GPS antenna.

More wireless news at the Forum included Avnet Embedded’s announcement that it is to represent low power radio module specialist Coronis across Europe.

“Coronis’ complete line of wireless products and development platforms will help our customers meet the technical and cost requirements of ultra-low-powered wireless sensor networks,” said Avnet Embedded marketing director for wireless and networking, Alastair Worth.

There was also the first appearance of LPRS’s easyRadio.

“Our UK designed and manufactured “out of the box” wireless module has been highly successful and positioned LPRS as a major player in the wireless module market,” said John Sharples, managing director of LPRS.

“Our attendance at Fortronic this week signals a re-positioning of LPRS from being a module manufacturer to being a complete wireless solutions company,” said Sharples.

The company’s LPRS product range includes the easyRadio Advanced (eRA) wireless module, narrow band long range wireless modules from CDT, the IQRF range of wireless networking components, the IQVC range of visual control panels together with antenna, wireless key fobs as well as sensor products.

The RF Wireless Forum attracted more than 120 designers and engineers from across the industry. The programme included topics such as wireless USB, energy harvesting, wireless memories, large wireless sensor networks and optimisation of battery design for low power wireless sensor networks.

There was also a series of workshops held by Ramtron, NXP Jennic, Laird Technologies, EnOcean, Sierra Wireless, Lantronix, Avnet Embedded, Cinterion, Option, Roving Networks, Coronis and Multitech.

Fortronic has organised electronics forums in Italy, Tunisia, Turkey and Morocco.

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